Sunday, September 19, 2010

Telecom war : who r getting benefited?

Recently i went to my village in Bihar. i went there for 15 days to enjoy my vacation but i had one problem tat i had to talk to my GF every i inquire abt new SIM to my brother. The answer i got was surprising..he told me tat how many sim u wnt..i said only one.he asked tat whether i m going to recharge tat sim again and again..i said yes i ll use oly one sim..then he told me brother io instead of recharging ur sim. you may use new sim u have to call someone.i asked him how then he taught me following are getting all sim free..just to submit ur identity proof.
1)UNINOR : free SIM 120 Rs talk everytime u buy a new sim u ll get 120 rupees talktime tat too instead of recharge u buy new sim everytime.
2)AIRCEL: free SIM 33 Rs talktime
3)IDEA: free SIM 30 Rs talktime
4)Vodafone: free SIM 7 Rs talktime
5)STEL: free SIM 47 Rs talktime

now oly company tat was not giving free SIM and talktime was AIRTEL and it's sell of SIM has gone down drastically.
now the other part of this sceme,people r using SIM as recharge card not as a SIM card.after using talktime they r throwing the despite selling large number of SIM telecom company r not getting,wat they sud do..
IDEA came up with plan tat they ll 30 Rs taltime and they ll give 6 Rs per day for IDEA to user has to keep the sim to use this sceme..but users r also smart..they bought lot's of idea sim and instead of recharging it
they r using diffrent sim every day to use this sceme..

i found my brother argument attractive..i used 42 SIM during that period to call..
BUT i found one thing that this senseless price war is not going to benefit either customer or companys..... 

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