Monday, May 2, 2011

Total quality Management (TQM)

14+ Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)
TQM: "Doing the Right Thing, Right the First Time, All the Time; Always striving for Improvement & always satisfying the Customer." [DOD 1989]

1. ADD VALUE TO THE PROCESS: Every action by every employee should add value to the process or product in every way all the time. Enhance your work by your actions.

2. DELIVER QUALITY ON TIME ALL THE TIME. Develop a pattern of delivering perfect products & services on time. Rate your sources by their ability to do this.

3. BASE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS ON MUTUAL TRUST and confidence: Providers and Suppliers build trust and confidence through quality and deliverability. Customers build it by quick payment and clear lines of communication. Reliability, Forthrightness, and Honesty are the Basis of forming Business Relations.

4. TRAIN INDIVIDUALS AND TEAMS TO SOLVE PROBLEMS:Teach Problem -Solving Tools / Techniques & Teaming as the means to solve quality, safety, productivity, and deliverability problems.

5. EMPOWER EMPLOYEES TO BE RESPONSIBLE for Quality, Safety, Productivity and Deliverability. Empowering means giving workers responsibility for their actions affecting their work. Share governance.

6. DEED 'OWNERSHIP' OF PROCESS TO EMPLOYEES who have proven their capability. Reward and reinforce empowerment with Incentives, Job Security and Equity Sharing. Make employees owners of the process, not attendants.

7. IMPLEMENT THE NEW TECHNOLOGY: Use modern information resources, INTERNET, databases, telecommunications, applications software, and project scheduling as tools to improve productivity. Use Statistical Process Control (SPC) to eliminate errors and defects and continually improve the system.

8. COLLECT, MEASURE AND EVALUATE DATA before Making Decisions. "It never hurts to turn the light on." (J. DeSimone). Make Decisions based on evidence. "If you can't measure it, you can't evaluate it."

9. APPLY THE '80/20' PRINCIPLE: Use this Problem-Solving Tool to put problems into 'Trivial Many' and 'Vital Few' Categories. Record the causes and frequencies of problems on a Tally Sheet. Develop this into a Pareto Chart which plots the frequencies (most- to least-important) of the problems. 20% of the causes create at least 80% of the problems. Importance of resolving vital problems first.

10. DEVELOP 'WIN-WIN' SCENARIOS: Create solutions that will benefit all parties. Cooperation that develops synergism is the best solution.

11. DEVELOP A MASTER PLAN: Good Design Precedes Good Craftsmanship. A well-designed plan tracks and benchmarks an action through to its completion. "Quality begins at the Design Level." (Marty Madigan)

12. PLAN FOR ALL CONTINGENCIES: Prepare for all solutions by developing alternatives. If necessary, flowchart plans dealing with all possible alternatives. Apply 'If-Then-Else' type of logic to problems.

13. MAKE ZERO DEFECTS AND ACCIDENTS YOUR GOAL: Use the tools of TQM, SPC, and Problem-Solving to achieve these goals by detecting and eliminating the causes.

14. QUALIFY YOUR SOURCES AND SUPPLIERS: Use Quality and Deliverability as the basis for selecting the source of your materials and services.

15. DELIVERABILITY: The Right Product at the Right Place at the Right Time. In world-class Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery systems, source parts are used without delay and inspection in the process.

16. MEET THE NEEDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS: Customers are anyone affected by your work: co-workers, team members, management, & especially the end-users. They are the rationale for your work. The justification for your work is to deliver products or services that meet or exceed their requirements.

17. IMPROVE CONTINUOUSLY AND ALWAYS: Institute continuous improvement & life-long education, principles based on the 14 Points by W. Edwards Deming. Optimize your curve. They constitute an ever expanding continuum. Add to this list.

Punchline (tagline) of companies

Punchlines of companies

 1. FORD – Built for the Road Ahead
2. GM – Only GM.
3. DAIMLER CHRYSLER – The Future of Automobile
4. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine
5. AUDI – Vorsprung Durch Technik
6. TOYOTA - Touch the Perfection
7. HYUNDAI - Drive Your Way
9. HONDA - The Power of Dreams
10. SKODA – Obsessed with Quality since 1897.
11. VOLKSWAGEN - Drivers wanted
12. FIAT - Driven by Passion. FIAT
13. JAGUAR - Born to Perform
14. LEXUS – The Pursuit of Perfection
15. TATA MOTORS – Even More Car per Car
IT companies
1. Microsoft - Where Do You Want to Go Today; Your Potential Our Passion
2. Windows XP - Do More with Less
3. HP - Invent; everything is Possible
4. Computer Associates - The software that powers the E Business
5. CSC - Experience. Results. 
6. Accenture - High Performance. Delivered
8. LENOVO - We are building a new technology company.
9. Apple Macintosh - Think Different.
10. TCS - Beyond the Obvious
11. Infosys - Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values; Improve your odds with Infosys Predictability
12. WIPRO - Applying Thought
13. EMC - Where Information Lives.
14. Adobe - Simplicity at work. Better by adobe
15. Dell - Easy to Buy, Easy to Own 
16. Sun Microsystem - The Network is the Computer 
1. Jet Airways - The Joy of Flying
2. Lufthansa - There's no better to fly
3. British airways - The Way to Fly.
4. Air Canada - A breath of Fresh Air
5. Malaysian Airlines - Going Beyond Expectations
6. Kingfisher Airlines - Fly the good times
7. Air France - Making the Sky the best place on Earth
8. Cathy Pacific Airlines - The Heart of Asia    
1.Exxon Mobil - Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges
2. Chevron Corporation - Human Energy
3. Reliance industries Limited - Growth is Life
4. British Petroleum - Beyond Petroleum
5. ONGC - Making Tomorrow Brighter
6. IOCL - Bringing Energy to Life
7. BPCL - Pure for Sure
8. IBP - Pure bhi. Poora bhi
9. GAIL - Gas and Beyond
10. Essar corp - A positive a++itude
11. Speed - High Performance Petrol
12. Servo - 100 % Performance. Every time
1.      IDEA- What an IDEA
2.      Reliance GSM-GO for it.
3.      AT&T - The World's Networking Company
4.      TATA Indicom - Business Without Limits 
5.      Cell One - The One for Everyone
6.      MTNL - Transparency makes us Different
7.      VODAFONE-Make the Most of Now
8.      AIRTEL-Express Yourself   

1. Like. No. Other. - SONY
2. Everyone's invited or it’s hard to Imagine - SAMSUNG
3. Life's Good - LG
4. The Indian Multinational - VIDEOCON
5. Born in Japan Entertaining the World - SANSUI
6. Inspired Living - HAIER
7. Sense and Simplicity - PHILLIPS
8. The Perfect Experience - JVC
9. Choose Freedom – TOSHIBA
10.Canon - Delighting You Always 
1.      AMAZON.COM - Earth’s Biggest Bookstore
2.      TIMESJOBS.COM - If you have a reason, we have the job -
3.      BLOGGER.COM - Push Button Publishing
4.      EBAY - The World's Online Market Place
5.      MONSTER.COM-stuck in wrong monster for right job
6.      YOUTUBE- Broadcast yourself
7.      TWITTER-What Happening
1.     Motorola - Intelligence Everywhere
2.     Nokia - Connecting People 

1. The Magazine of the Corporate World - BUSINESS INDIA
2. For Managing Tomorrow - BUSINESS TODAY
3. Intelligent Computing - CHIP
4. Your Technology Navigator - DIGIT
5. Play the Game - BUSINESS WORLD
6. Journalism of Courage - The Indian EXPRESS
7. The Power of Knowledge - THE ECONOMIC TIMES
8. The Name India trusts for News - HINDUSTAN TIMES
9. Read a Bestseller everyday - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH
1. Union Bank of India -- Good people to bank with
2. Indian Overseas Bank -- Good people to grow with
3. Syndicate Bank -- Your Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner
4. Federal Bank -- Your Perfect Banking Partner
5. United Bank of India -- The Bank that begins with U
6. HDFC -- We Understand Your World
7. Bank Of Baroda -- India's International Bank
8. Yes Bank -- Experience our expertise
9. Allahabad Bank -- A tradition of trust
10. Bank of India -- Relationships beyond Banking
11. Oriental Bank of Commerce -- where every individual is committed
12. Dena Bank -- Trusted Family Bank
13. Indian Bank -- Taking Banking Technology to Common Man
14.IDBI Bank -- Banking for all; Not just for Big boys; "Aao Sochein Bada"
15. Canara Bank -- it's easy to change for those who you love
16. Vijaya Bank -- A Friend You can Bank Upon
17. Punjab National Bank -- A Name you can Bank Upon
18. Central Bank of India -- Build A Better Life Around Us
19. J & K Bank -- Serving to Empower
20. I CICI Bank -- "Hum Hai na..."
21. Andhra Bank -- Much more to do. With YOU in focus
22. Bank of Rajasthan -- Together we Prosper
23. SBI Bank -- Nations banks on us; Pure Banking Nothing Else; With you all the way
24. UCO Bank -- Honours Your Trust
25. Karur Vysya Bank -- Smart way to Bank
26. South Indian Bank -- Experience Next Generation Banking
 27. Higher Standards -- Bank of America
 28. You and Us -- UBS
 29. The Citi Never Sleeps -- CITIGROUP or CITIBANK
 30. Where Vision Gets Built -- Lehman Brothers
 31. The World's Local Bank -- HSBC
 32. A Passion to Perform -- Deutsche Bank
33.  Making More Possible -- ABN AMRO Bank
34. AXIS BANK-Filly hoof spring adept
1. Have You Met Life Today - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife. 
2. The Power on your side - Allianz Group
3. Growing and protecting your wealth - Prudential Insurance Company
4. We know Money - AIG or American International Group Insurance Company
5. Trust thy name is ------- (The fill in the blank itself is the name of the organization) - LIC
6. Be Life Confident - AXA UK
7. You are in good hands - Allstate Insurance Company
8. Your Partner for life - Max NewYork Life Insurance
9. Positively Different. - Standard Insurance Company Limited.