Thursday, February 25, 2010

looking back in past..

sometime i look back in past and saw all the happy moment i had in my life...i smile..i get confidence...i just thanks god for all those happy moment he gave to me...but then suddenly i realize that present is completely different from the habit of trusting them my everything..hurts me a lot..i care a lot for others..i give more weight to their opinion than mine...i just simply think that people who are closer to you always care for u...ya they do..but my higher expectation lead me to disappointment...i don't blame anyone for the sorrow i got in my life...not even my fate..i just blame myself,my attitude towards so called philosophy.i just think that relationship are meant to understand each other but i myself doesn't understand people and expect too much from them...i just pray to god that take my everything away of me but just return all my happy moment again in my life...

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