Sunday, February 28, 2010


first time in my life,i ll not be in home on the eve of holi..i hv to celebrate holi ...somewhere away of pondicherry.when i think abt the holi,lot's of sweet memory comes in my mind.i m just gonna miss my favorite festival.singing on road almost naked or dancing on the street like mad or just roaming here and there with friend in evening. i m gonna miss all this thing....going to every home and collecting wood and other thing to burn it in night...stealing wood from the home of the people who don't volunteer to give it...or just eating"gujhia".sometime i think how much sacrifice we hv to make for being a so called successful person..i don't know but m really gonna miss it.don't know ll i be able to celebrate holi in home or not in future also.ok..but no matter perhaps it's called life..

wishing u all a very happy holi............

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