Sunday, April 24, 2011

INDIA-may god bless india

Recently we have seen mass uprising against “corruption” in india.Movement that has been started by ‘Anna hazare” and hugely backed by media got unprecedented support from people across India. So,this movement has raise an interesting and serious issue (A million doller question)-Who is responsible for this corruption???????

Ø  The government
Ø  Bureaucracy
Ø  Politician
Ø  Judiciary
Ø  Media

it is we the great people of india especially middle class who participated massively in this movement.i guess corruption has got deep inside our blood. Father teach his son to give bribe. People suggest their friend to get their work done by “kuch le de ke” “kyon pachre me parna chate ho (why do u want to take tension )”. In india corruption is there everywhere.
Ø  People pay donation to get admission( people who r fighting crusade against corruption on internet are also from this class)

Ø  People pay money to get their illegal map approved in municipality
Ø  Electricity stealing is a fashion
Ø  We take money to cast vote
Ø  We take gifts (TV,CYCLE,MOBILE) to cast our vote
Ø  We pay money to get “date “ in court
Ø  We pay money to traffic police for rash driving
Ø  We love to throw our garbage on road
Ø  We love to spit on road
Ø  We pay money to get our work done fastly
And the list goes on….
We consider honest people ‘fool” in india..if u try to be honest everyone right from ur parent to society will pressurize you to change india it’s not honesty but the relative corruption is considered..people says that he is less corrupt than other or vice versa…it’s rare to find complete honest person…
We can fight for religion for cast,for cricket but no one is ready to fight election…our so called cyber warriors never go to cast their in urban areas are somewhere between 20 to 40 percents…and we blame government for all the problem ….
 Our hyper talented “IITians’ are always ready to go abroad..noone is ready to go to system and improved it..everyone want to fight on “facebook’ and “ twitter”’s always easy to comment on “poor bharat” by sitting on AC room of “ growing india”…

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