Saturday, March 20, 2010

challenge for brand


The challenge for brands is to fascinate (or fail).

According to a study from Kelton Research, “... people want to be fascinated, and they want to be fascinating.” For marketers this means brands have the opportunity to “help consumers feel more fascinating in their own lives” and to create products/services that fascinate people.
The strongest brands ignite fascination for customers and from customers by triggering some or all of these seven powerful triggers: LUST ... MYSTIQUE ... ALARM ... PRESTIGE ... POWER ... VICE ... and, TRUST.

1 | LUST: a craving for pleasure.
>> Think being the first in your social circles to own an iphone

2 | MYSTIQUE: a sparking of curiosity.
>> Think of the storied myth that Red Bull energy drink is made with secretions from a bull’s testicles.

3 | ALARM: an act of impulse no matter the consequences.
>> Think succumbing to the irresistible infomercial offer that is too good to be true... 6 Second Abs perhaps.

4 | PRESTIGE: an achievement earning high-status and respect.
>> Think becoming mayor of the delhi.

5 | POWER: an ability to gain domination and control.
>> Think using Proactiv to dominate and control economical issues.

6 | VICE: a tempting of guilty and sometimes sultry pleasures.
>> Think living an aspirational life by reading exploits of celebrities in filmfare.

7 | TRUST: a comforting feeling of authenticity and reliability for the greater good.

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